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Water Purifier

Water Purifier

Water Purifier works in seven steps and gives you pure mineral water.

Ceramic Filter

The main content of this filter consists of a highly compressed ceramic diatom.  It is highly resistant to heat as tested by professionals.  The Ceramic Filter removes all dirt, sand particles, bacteria, amoeba etc from the water.  The diameter of Ceramic Filter is 0.2 micron whereas the diameter of bacteria is 0.5 to 1.0 micron.  This filter ensures that your water is free from harmful diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery etc.

Multi Stage Filter

This is the most advanced and efficient filter ever designed recently in the world.  Multi –stage filter purifies water in four stages.  This filter consists of Activated carbon, Silica sand, Zeolite and Mineral sand.  Activated carbon removes Chlorine, Organic chemicals, Unpleasant odors and colours, THMs etc from water and provides you pure, crystal clear mineral water.  Silica sand removes acidic components from water.  Zeolite filters heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury, Gold, Silver etc.  heavy metals can accumulate in our body and may lead to wide range of illnesses.  Mineral sand release minerals and adjust the pH balance  of body fluid.

Mineral Stone Box

Mineral Stone are mined between 60 and 330 meters below the sea level on an unpolluted Korean Island .  The Mineral Stone contain Germanium, which promote health and prevent cancer.  Germanium also absorbs  heavy metals, toxin, odors and impurities and continuously release more than 20 kinds of ionized minerals for more than 5 years.

Magnetic Tap

The outlet tap of the water system is fitted with magnets in line with the latest water technology.  Magnetized water has free moving molecules just the mineral spring water.  It promotes health and vitality and imparts many therapeutic properties.  If there are any minute metal particles left, the magnet will absorb that also.

Daily Maintenance of Nano Pure Unit

Ceramic Filter, Multi-stage Filter and Mineral Stone should be soaked  into water cleaned with running water before the first use.  The ceramic filter needs to be cleaned regularly by using running water.  Please note that no detergents should be used.

GETECH Nano Pure Unit is a high quality automatic pure water production unit.  It requires no power for its operation and maintenance cost is literally zero.  The Filters can be used up to 25000 liters  of water purification.  By using 100%  healthy drinking water you and your family will be protected from waterborne diseases.  Prevention is better than cure.

GETECH Trading specializes in delivering healthy solutions to everyday living. We are currently engaging the latest technology from the United Kingdom & the United States of America in our production of Water Filtration Systems that serves the ultimate purpose of healthy drinking water in the most convenient form for our busy lifestyles.

Our products are currently sold in the local market via distributors, retail outlets and assigned agents. Apart from the local market, we have also been exporting to other developing countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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