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We are trading from the leading mfgs in India & Abroad, casing pipes using latest technology for Bore/ Bore-wells.

  • CM type:40 mm to 250 mm with normal measurements
  • CS type:150 mm to 250 mm with normal measurements
  • CM (middle type well):Suitable pipes for wells of depth 150 mtr to 250 mtr
  • CS (small type well):Suitable pipes for 80 mtr depth wells
Specifications & Benefits
  • Better quality, similar wall thickness and well-built
  • Compressive energy with adequate pressure
  • Light weight for easy transportation & to set
  • Water drawing easier as bore works uninterrupted
  • Precise Gravity: 1.40 g/cm3 - 1.45 cm3
  • Wicket Softening Temperature: 76 degree centigrade
  • Tensile Energy: 50 + or - N/mm2
  • Effective Energy: IS - 12818 applicable
  • Productive Energy: 55 N/cm2
Guidelines to Connect
  • Put down carefully casings and ribbed screens into bore-wells
  • Select gravel packing after checking soil status as plot quantity for screens depends on it
  • Ensure no empty space while gravel packing the pipe
  • Avoid high pressure and pressure in opposite direction while drawing water
Process to Joint
  • Male thread and female thread are fixed either side of our casing, ribbed and screen pipes
  • Joints have better tensile power than others to carry more assembly weights to deeper levels
  • Load decreases on threaded joints when total assembly weight rests under water
Quality Control

Technology equipment of international standards to ensure better quality of pipes through tests. With its experienced and well trained staff the company is manufacturing the best quality and incomparable products of high capacity. We comply with ISI norms and specifications to test the products.
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