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Farm Equipment Division - Rotary Tiller

Rotary Tiller

Model Working width (cm) Working Depth (inch) HP Required PTO (R.P.M.) Approx Weight (kg) No. of Blades
BRB-C-100 100 6 – 7 35+ 540 280 24
BRB-C-125 125 6 – 7 45+ 540 305 30
BRB-C-150 150 6 – 7 50+ 540 325 36
  • Specially designed L-blades, having a longer life and requires less maintenance.
  • Single speed gear box.
  • PTO Shaft with shear bolt system, to avoid damage to Rotary Tiller & Tractor due to overload.
  • Last flange from both the side contains 3 blades and the entire middle flange contains 6 blades.
  • Depth can be controlled by depth skid.
  • Spring loaded adjustable trailing board.
  • Rotor speed standard 540 RPM to 235 P.T.O. RPM.
  • Side chain drive to oil bath.
  • 3 point hitch cat.1.
  • Rotary tiller is ideal for smooth & Speedy preparation for root crops, fodder crops, orchards & cash crops.
  • Rotary tiller enhances the spoil fertility by mixing the residue of crops like cotton, sugarcane, wheat and paddy.
  • Results in time & fuel saving. Lesser wear & tear of the tractors as the soil preparation is accomplished in one or two passes.
  • Rotary tiller conserves soil moisture & helps water management as tilling can be done immediately after harvesting the previous crop.
  • Tillage depth varies according to moisture level of soil.
brd-c-100 brb-c-125
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