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Technical Specifications
  • Drill hole of Maximum Diameter: 1066mm (42”) and Maximum Depth: 5 Meters
  • Mast Has Overall Length of 8000 mm
  • Rotary Head of Maximum, Speed: 0-20 Rpm and Maximum Torque: 2400kg-m
  • Feed System has Pull Up capacity: 15000 kgf and Pull Down capacity: 5800 Kgf
  • Prime Mover has engine of 260 ps @ 2100 rpm
  • Stabilizer has Cylinder bore Diameter: 125mm and Stroke: 610 mm
  • Breakout Wrench has cylinder bore Diameter: 100 mm and Stroke: 300mm

KPR5-42 Model, skid mounted Hydraulically Operated Top drive Drilling Rig, Designed to handle Air Drilling application. This Rig is capable of Drilling in different formations such as Medium to Hard Rock by DTH method upto a depth of 16 ft. Under favorable Drilling Conditions. The following are the detailed specifications


DTH Drilling:
Drill hole Diameter - 42 (1066) Inches (mm)
Max. Drilling Depth - 16 (5) Feet. (Mt.)
Drill rod Diameter - 8 (203) Inches (mm)
Drill rod Length _ 6 (2.0) Feet (Mt.)

Under favorable Drilling Conditions


Sturdy structural Mast of electrically welded construction, main members made out of heavy duty structural steel material reinforced with suitable cross members, So that it is strong enough to withstand the high drilling loads.

Mast length - 5000 mm
Raising & Lowering - With Hydraulic cylinder
Rotary Head travel - 3200 mm

Rotary Head

Heavy duty Hydraulic Driven Top drive Rotation head having infinitely variable speed (0 to 20 RPM) will be provided. This Unit travels on the Mast and is of sturdy construction to absorb sudden shock loads generally encountered during Drilling Operations.

Max. Speed (spindle rpm) - 0 – 20 Rpm
Max. Torque - 2400 Kg – m

Feed System

Feed system is provided with adequate travel for handling drill pipes & Casing pipes upto 6 Mt. long. A suitable hydraulic cylinder actuates the feed and hoist.

The feed system has the following capabilities:
Feed cylinder size - Ø125 x Ø90 x 3500 mm
Pull back/up Capacity - 10000 Kgf
Pull down Capacity - 5000 Kgf
Pull back/up Speed - 30 Mt/min,
Feed Cylinder Qty. - 1 No.

The feed system will be incorporated with Hold back arrangement to control and limit weight on bit, rapid and slow feed arrangement to sui9t the variable ground conditions.

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